About Landtech Florida

Landtech Florida has proudly represented Landtech since 1988!

Welcome to the Home page of Landtech Florida. We are representatives of the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System, the most widely used independent land title software in America today. Landtech was written by Wyatt Bell whose family remains in full ownership of Landtech Data Corporation to this day. At Landtech Florida, Inc. we are only concerned with your experience and ease of using Landtech, and providing you with every tool needed to close real estate transactions in all 50 States. We offer documents, training, sales, support and service on all versions of Landtech. With our more than 27 years of experience working exclusively with Landtech, we’ve seen unusual transactions and answered some interesting questions about using Landtech, and we’re ready for yours.

Landtech merge documents produced by Landtech Florida, Inc. and available on the Landtech Forms web site  are widely known as the best Landtech forms produced in the Country. There are other affiliates that produce merge forms, some in Word, some in the Landtech Document Editor, however some distributors produce these products without a true understanding of your business and the attention to detail that makes our Landtech documents remarkably better. Check with us before you purchase a new Landtech system or upgrade your existing Landtech. We’ll make sure that you give your customers a first-class impression with our first-class Landtech setup.

Closing Professionals not yet using the power of Landtech, will find an overview and information about Landtech. For those of you who would like additional information, please Contact Us and we will be happy to show you all things Landtech. There’s a reason Landtech is so popular. Great software, great support.

Landtech is the easiest to use and the most complete real estate closing software in a field of many different National software brands. Developed in Florida and utilized in over 40 States by the best settlement agents in the nation, we are now in our 38th year of development. Starting with the DOS program and advancing as the  technology evolved over the years to the 100% Windows-based Landtech XML and Landtech CFPB programs available today. It’s worth noting that all of the changes and conversions of data over the years were provided to our customers at no additional cost whatsoever. While other closing software comes and goes, we remain constant and under the same ownership since the beginning. Landtech Data Corporation, the developer of Landtech software is a truly independent national company with the best technology in the industry. Landtech Florida is proud to have represented them for this many years. We love what we do and are very proud of our accomplishments. Rest assured that as you are producing the commitment, disbursing the file, issuing the final title policy and reporting the 1099S electronically, Landtech is with you all the way.