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A new Closing Statement, and Landtech is ready!

At the annual convention of the Dixie Land Title Association in New Orleans on September 12, 2014 , two employees, one from SoftPro software (owned by Fidelity National Title) and one from Ramquest software (partially owned by Old Republic National Title) gave a joint presentation on the new CFPB Closing Disclosure form due to be released in 2015.

Promoting scare theories, they put forth the opinion that because the the Line numbers such as those on the current HUD form are going to disappear, and because “99.9% of all closing software depends on those Line numbers for their documents”, all merge forms would have to be re-programmed to conform to the new data set. They then continued to misinform the attendees that this supposed document conversion would be a long and possibly expensive undertaking.

That must be one huge closing software group they are referring to, because Landtech, with over 4,000 customers in more than 40 states is not dependent on the HUD Line numbers and no Landtech documents have to be reprogrammed to meet the new CFPB forms, so according to these two ladies, Landtech must be in the remaining .1% percent of software developers, or, to extrapolate from that, the .1% of software developers got their programming right and 99.9% got it wrong. What of the customers of the 99.9% of software the employees refererred to, do they know that the merge documents they currently have will be unusable in a year when the CFPB form is released? Do they know that they will have to obtain new replacement documents from the software developer in less than one year from now at a considerable cost?


Landtech Simplifies Abstracting and Title Production!

In some States like Florida, it seems that most of the title companies and real estate law firms get their searches done by a Title Underwriter and then the legal description, requirements and exceptions are imported directly from the underwriter into Landtech usually along with the Property Identification number and the names of the buyers and sellers. This obviously eliminates the need to maintain a title plant, a great expense. Some firms get the searches done by independent searchers. Landtech includes a free program, the Title Information Processor, that lets Landtech customers import title information from independent searchers.

In other states, the Abstractors do the search and work-up of the title commitment and pass it to the Closing Department or Customer. Landtech has added an Abstractor section to the software that allows information to flow back and forth seamlessly between Abstractors, Processors and Closers to use the work of each other for quicker, more efficient transactions.

You can now have up to 8 additional Property Addresses for multi-parcel closings. The lookup index will have the aditional addressses added so that you can look up this type of transaction by any of the Property Addresses. Landtech has also added more fields available to merge and export to reports. There are now over 10,100 Fields in each file, generated by Landtech  for Abstracting, Reporting and Document Production. Anything is possible!

Landtech only puts out real, meaningful improvements to the software on a regular basis, all included at no extra charge in the annual telephone support and update subscription.


Long Names in Landtech now print on the HUD!

Landtech HUD

Click to view Landtech’s HUD new features

Landtech added a terrific new feature for Entity Buyers, Seller and Lenders that have lengthy names. These entities are usually Estates, Corporations, Trusts and the like. Landtech has long had the ability to merge Buyer, Seller and Lender Long Names into the documents, but until now, not on the first page of the Closing Statement due to space restrictions. No more! Now, Buyer, Seller and/or Lender Long Names will also print on page one in their entirety! Click on the example to the left to see what you can do to make your Closing Statements sing.

Works in the Cloud and on the ground! Contact us for more.


Landtech’s Automated File Scanning can help

For several years now, Landtech has included the ability to create images of all Landtech documents and post them to a file location of your choice. If you want, Landtech will even create the destination folder for you automatically. You can also open your favorite scanning software from within Landtech to scan any received documents and add them to the scanned folder for any closing file.

The features of Landtech are practically endless. Every brand of closing software uses particular terms to describe their features. We recently replaced very expensive underwriter-backed closing software for a law office and were asked about Landtech’s “Scan to file” capabilities. It took a minute to figure out the meaning of that buzzword phrase and then we realized that this has been a Landtech feature for years now, but we didn’t think to give it a proprietary name. Whatever you name it, this Landtech attribute is very attractive to users and, of course, it’s part of Landtech at no extra charge. When Landtech is installed, it is complete, and there are no optional features that have to be purchased in addition to the software. If you are using software other than Landtech, please inquire about the Landtech version of capabilities that you like in your present software, and see how we are better by utilizing true one-time entry. Please Contact us here for more information.


Tips to make your Landtech easier and quicker to use

Functions and Key Combinations
Help F1
Load Calculator F5
Bring up Dialog Box F9
Move between Tabs in Dialog Boxes Pg. UP/Pg. DOWN
Bring up User-Defined Prompts Ctrl+U
Enable/Disable Macros F8
Open New File F12
Save File Shift+F12
Print Ctrl+P
Move to Next Field Tab
Return to Previous Field Shift+Tab
Insert Lender Name (Combined Charge) Alt+L
Insert Settlement Agent Name (Combined Charge) Alt+T
Insert Mortgage Broker Name (Combined Charge) Alt+M
Insert Underwriter Name (Combined Charge) Alt+U
Degree symbol Alt+248 (Number keypad only)