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Landtech Florida 2020

Welcome to the Home page of Landtech Florida. With experience in the industry since 1986, we tried to assist with everything you needed done to improve your business. Our thorough knowledge of Microsoft Word is well known, and we created and customized documents and taught you how to do it. We hope we helped. Thank you for everything. Our story will be published here in segments, illustrating how the settlement software and Landtech in particular evolved since before 1988. The series of posts will begin in early February, 2020.


Receive everything that you expected!

The Land Title business is surging again in Florida. It’s not a frenetic market like we saw just before the recession, just nice and steady. We’ve been asked more often lately to demonstrate Landtech to potential customers and current Landtech customers are adding users, so something good is happening out there in our industry!
Settlement software like Landtech is vertical market software for a specific industry and because of that, is unfortunately,expensive compared to mass market software such as programs from Microsoft or Intuit. Because of the price, you expect it to perform every function that you need to do your closings. Landtech does everything necessary but also adds integrations, reporting functions and great support to make running your settlement business easier. If you are looking at closing software, ask yourself if the software includes in their price the following functions that Landtech includes with their software at no additional cost:

  1. Florida Data Call reporting with very few manual entries or mouse clicks – no duplication of entry.
  2. Importing Title Information from any underwriter – no duplication of entry.
  3. Title Policy and CPL generation directly from within the file – no duplication of entry.
  4. E-recording from within the file – no duplication of entry.
  5. Over 200 Professional Word templates designed explicitly for Landtech’s one time entry.
  6. 1099S Electronic Reporting capability – report last year’s sales transactions to the IRS for free.



Integration is the future of the Settlement Industry

When laser printers became the standard for our industry somewhere in the nineteen-eighties they were very expensive. An HP LaserJet II printer, producing about 3r 4 pages per minute would usually cost over $3,000.00. Therefore an office had to think about how best to implement this new feature. Some offices chose to have a centralized printer area where all workstations printed to 1 or 2 central laser printers to save costs. Other offices decided to bite the bullet and purchase a smaller laser printer for each desktop so that the processors and closers didn’t have to break their concentration and leave what they were doing to pick up a print job. This turned out to be the most practical solution, especially as laser printers dropped in price.


Landtech changes

In Florida, the ridiculous $3.28 title policy surcharge has finally expired. This was a policy put into place by the State of Florida in concert with title insurance underwriters. On the same day in 2012, Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc., KEL Title Insurance and National Title Insurance were ordered not to issue any more title policies in Florida. This $3.28 surcharge was ordered in 2013 to cover the shortfall from those failures and every time a title policy was issued, this surcharge was collected from the parties and remitted to the agent’s title underwriter who would then remit it to the state. In the case of a simultaneous issue, only one surcharge would be collected total. If you have automated entry of this charge set up in your Landtech program, the latest version of Landtech will look at the Settlement Date and if it is beyond 12/31/2016, it will not let you check the surcharge check-box.

As one of the only independent software developers for the land title business, we develop Landtech with only our customers in mind. We don’t care which underwriters you use, how many bank accounts you need to reconcile, how many closings you do every day/month/year. We just want to ensure that your needs are met. Remember, with Landtech, everything is built-in – escrow management, 1099S electronic reporting, over 300 variations of pre-built reports and the unlimited creation of reports on any information in your Landtech, plus a full set of merge documents including title forms for any underwriters. Everything you need for the complete closing transaction, from the initial Title Commitment to the final Title Policies and everything in between at a very reasonable price. True one time entry. Come on over to Landtech for the best software in the industry! We’ll even give you a discount to help you trade up to Landtech. Contact us now.


Landtech works in the Cloud or on the Ground!

Right now both existing and new Landtech customers can choose to use the reasonably-priced Landtech in the Cloud. This saves you from having to maintain a server and the IT headaches that come with it. Connect to your Landtech from anywhere in the world using any internet browser on a PC, Mac or any internet-capable smartphone or tabletLandtech in the Cloud is managed by Landtech Data Corporation and Landtech Florida There are other hosted Landtech subscriptions, but once people find out about the full setup of this Landtech in the Cloud and all of the benefits that come with it, they go with a Landtech in the Cloud subscription, including installation, training and all of the best documents and support files utilizing the true one-time entry in Landtech. The merge documents are all Word templates. Landtech’s cloud installation comes with Microsoft Office Standard (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint) as part of the package. Copies of some of these Word templates are done in the Landtech Document Editor, but Word has more flexible document formatting features and has millions of users across America, so we have concentrated there. We have hundreds of conveyance/refinance documents and title forms for most states and underwriters at Landtech Forms and and will provide them for whichever State you are located in as part of the installation and setup of your Landtech in the Cloud system. To get started using Landtech from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, please Contact us now

New Landtech Customers can get started very quickly and inexpensively  using Landtech in the Cloud. For a reasonable one time setup fee and a small monthly cost for each login name, you get a brand new fully installed Landtech with all of the documents, recording files, title and endorsement calculators, etc. That’s right, you get a complete Landtech system with every available feature for a monthly amount per month per Login name – period. There is another payment plan which many customers prefer. You can pay a small amount per closed file and if you charge the buyer and/or seller the $35.00 it can be on the Closing Statement as a legitimate charge so your Landtech costs you only the installation amount with no monthly charges to you. With this method, there is a small minimum number of monthly closed transactions depending on how many simultaneous users you have. Of course there is no charge for files that do not successfully close.

Existing Landtech Customers can move their current Landtech with all of their data and documents to the Cloud for the same cost, and never pay annual telephone support and update fees again! All program updates and telephone support are included in the monthly charge. And remember, you can access your Landtech wherever you have an internet connection and a computer running any operating system. If you can get on the internet, you can access all of your Landtech data 24/7.

You control your own closing files and escrow information in a secure environment. You can access it as easily as if it was on a computer in your office. The program runs as quickly as it does from your own in-office server or workstations. Landtech will make sure that you are always running the very latest version of Landtech, no more checking for updates. Landtech has the technology to make your office a virtual office quickly, smoothly and easily! For more information about this exciting Landtech feature, please click here.


Landtech in College

2014_PBSC_PLA2600Class (2)

Palm Beach State College Students using Landtech to learn

Colleges and universities have begun the first semester of 2018. Many use Landtech to teach about real estate closings from a law office perspective. In South Florida Landtech is used as a teaching aid for paralegal candidates to learn the ins and outs of real estate closings. These students will graduate with knowledge of various real estate closing transactions and also what good closing software  can and should do easily with one time entry. In Florida, Landtech is used at Palm Beach State College, Broward State College and Nova University of Law to show students the procedures used in multi-faceted real estate title transactions. Peter Rennick from Landtech Florida works with Professor Steven M. Weiss, Esq. to teach real estate transactional law at two of the Palm Beach State College campuses. Landtech Florida works with Broward College and Nova University at their request to make sure that they have the most up-to-date Landtech system for the students and training in new Landtech features. Many of these students go on to become attorneys and paralegals, and some go into other careers in the land title field. These classes are a valuable stepping-stone for them.

At Palm Beach State College the classes are conducted by giving students hands-on experience in today’s real estate closings. We utilize the ease and capabilities of Landtech to calculate all charges and prorations, disburse the funds and create all closing documents. At Landtech we feel that donating the use of our software and assisting however we can is one way to give back to our community. Landtech is the most widely used, privately held closing software company in the country and the students will be better positioned to find a job with a real estate law firm or title company anywhere in America when they graduate. The students will also understand how good settlement software can help them achieve the accuracy they need and the best presentation at the closing. If you know of an educational institution that would like to use Landtech in their classes, please let us know. And to the students of PBSC, we’ll see you at the Palm Beach Gardens campus starting in January, 2018!