Landtech’s Automated File Scanning can help

For several years now, Landtech has included the ability to create images of all Landtech documents and post them to a file location of your choice. If you want, Landtech will even create the destination folder for you automatically. You can also open your favorite scanning software from within Landtech to scan any received documents and add them to the scanned folder for any closing file.

The features of Landtech are practically endless. Every brand of closing software uses particular terms to describe their features. We recently replaced very expensive underwriter-backed closing software for a law office and were asked about Landtech’s “Scan to file” capabilities. It took a minute to figure out the meaning of that buzzword phrase and then we realized that this has been a Landtech feature for years now, but we didn’t think to give it a proprietary name. Whatever you name it, this Landtech attribute is very attractive to users and, of course, it’s part of Landtech at no extra charge. When Landtech is installed, it is complete, and there are no optional features that have to be purchased in addition to the software. If you are using software other than Landtech, please inquire about the Landtech version of capabilities that you like in your present software, and see how we are better by utilizing true one-time entry. Please Contact us here for more information.