Integration is the future of the Settlement Industry

One time entry, the pinnacle of software development, has existed in Landtech for many years; type a name, a figure, a legal description, a list of requirements, exceptions and so on, and it will appear anywhere you want it to in the Settlement System – in the closing statements, documents, reports, 1099S reporting, Florida’s Data Call, etc.. One time entry in Landtech is still very much a thrust of our development and could help you a lot with your closing process.

When laser printers became the standard for our industry somewhere in the nineteen-eighties they were very expensive. An HP LaserJet II printer, producing about 3-4 pages per minute would usually cost over $3,000.00. Therefore an office had to think about how best to implement this new feature. Some offices chose to have a centralized printer area where all workstations printed to 1 or 2 central laser printers to save costs. Other offices decided to bite the bullet and purchase a smaller laser printer for each desktop so that the processors and closers didn’t have to break their concentration and leave what they were doing to pick up a print job. This turned out to be the most practical solution, especially as laser printers dropped in price. Landtech continues that thought process with its integrations. Why should you have to open up another window and browse to your underwriter’s site to produce a Closing Protection Letter or a Title Policy Jacket for the file you are working on? Why should you have to re-key property information to get the CPLs or Jackets? You shouldn’t, and of course with Landtech, you don’t have to because of Landtech’s renowned  one time entry. From within your Landtech closing file you can click on a menu item and a window will open up on your underwriter’s site allowing you to download a CPL or a Policy Jacket. The best, most timesaving part of this is that you do not have to re-key information that is already in Landtech, and when you download the Jackets the Policy Numbers and information will flow back into Landtech for your records. All Closing Protection Letters and Policy Jackets are automatically stored digitally under the Landtech closing file in the Digital Documents folder for your review, re-printing, etc.

Other integrations are being added every week. The Simplifile and ePN E-Recording integrations are now in Landtech; easy electronic recording of documents with the click of a mouse. No need to exit Landtech to record documents, confirmation from the Courthouse comes back into Landtech and stores itself in the Landtech Digital Documents folder for your records and review. Sweet. An integration with the lien search Service Proplogix has been added to Landtech. This makes it easy for Landtech users to submit orders for liens, unpaid property taxes, code violations and HOA/COA estoppel letters. This integration will also enable you to manage and track your orders as well. There are several more industry integrations on the way and we’ll keep you posted as they are released.