Landtech – America’s lowest cost complete settlement system!

That’s right! Landtech software is the lowest cost full real estate closing system in the country. There are no modules to purchase, no documents to buy, no extra features that you have to opt-in or opt-out of – one complete and seamless suite of software geared to your closing needs, whatever they may be. We are independent software developers and completely responsive to our large base of customers. From the first commitment to the final policy, disbursing the funds, reconciling the trust accounts, generating business reports and electronic 1099S reporting directly to the I.R.S., Landtech’s true one-time entry will be your best friend.

People who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars more for inferior closing software than  they would have spent to acquire Landtech sometimes think that a dynamic, thorough software program such as Landtech would have cost more money than the software that they are stuck with. Don’t make that mistake. If you already did, we can work with you on a trade-in credit when you make the decision to move up to Landtech. The solution to choosing good software is simple.

Closing software is an important part of your future in the land title business. When choosing new or replacement software, ask to create a closing file or ask the sales person to show you how to process a closing file based on how you like to proceed. Stay away from time-limited “trial” software. The fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks the better; settle for nothing less than true one time entry. With good software you don’t have to hand-calculate your recording fees or title calculations anywhere in America, you don’t have to input the GFE items twice, you should be able to quickly make your closing statement develop right in front of you; no pop-up HUD viewer necessary. “Like a HUD” isn’t the same as the fillable dynamic HUD form in landtech. Check for limits on the number of closing files, settlement agents, databases for Escrow accounts, Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Sales Reps, Closers, etc. Look to see if you can easily convert from a Non-GFE HUD to a GFE HUD and vice versa. Make sure you can easily access the software remotely. Test its feel, its “user-friendliness”; “user-friendly” is very subjective but it should be part of your decision about which product you like best. Ask for references and use them to ask questions about the technical and closing support. Check the company’s length of time in software development, check their ownership or management and look at their track record of forward development. To Landtech, it’s all about the customer; to some others, it’s all about the premium.