Landtech has updated the Reports Scheduler!

As you may know, Landtech has more than 300 variations of built-in reports such as Order Reports, Income Reports, Title Insurance Reports, Escrow Reports, 1099S Reports and many more. You can also custom-build any report from more than 8,000 variables generated by Landtech during the course of a closing. Custom-built reports can be opened using programs such as Excel or Access and the data can be massaged further in those programs. Landtech saves a list of the 20 most recent reports, built-in or custom-built, for quick and easy access.

Any report can be scheduled to run at any time and the output can be directed to a printer, a PDF file, or a PDF file that is automatically attached to an outgoing email. Landtech version 2012.01.0017 now adds full scheduling functionality for the Custom Reports in addition to the existing scheduling for built-in Landtech Reports. This means that every business report that you want can be scheduled to print at off-hours, digitized as a PDF or XML file, and then emailed to interested parties. You can also set Landtech to open up Excel automatically when the report is generated. Please Contact us here for more information.