Landtech Training

Landtech XML and Landtech CFPB  offer Many Training Options

Online or On-site training is available!

2014_PBSC_PLA2600Class (2)

Palm Beach State College students learn Landtech

Online training is the most efficient way to keep up with the many Landech updates and get some quick and easy training for new or returning employees. Not only do you pick the time and duration, it is far less expensive and you get your questions answered immediately. We can send you a link to our training site or we can train you on your own computer. We can also correct Landtech settings and update documents as necessary. We also provide on-site training at your location if you prefer. Please let us know if you are interested.

Everything except the actual checks printed for a closing can now be emailed out of Landtech as a PDF or TIFF file, or as XML Data for export to Excel, Access and other programs. Document production has been improved and you can use either Microsoft Word or the Landtech Document Editor with full merge capabilities. There are many new forms available, and these are constantly updated . There are no controls over document production, such as certain fonts that you must use nor is there any limit to the number of underwriters that forms can be produced for. With forms produced in the Landtech Document Editor (LDE), you can print directly from Landtech for Windows without leaving the file. Any documents you want can be set to print or email at the same time that you print the HUD forms. Think about that for a time-saver. The LDE also controls the templates for the bottom of the HUD pages and other forms, so you can have any font or any photos, even your logo print at the top and/or the bottom of these forms. We have several new templates available in the new format. If you need new templates, please click here.

To get a full list of version by version improvements to Landtech from within the program, go to Help, What’s New or Important Documentation.