Receive everything that you expected!

The Land Title business is surging again in Florida. It’s not a frenetic market like we saw just before the recession, just nice and steady. We’ve been asked more often lately to demonstrate Landtech to potential customers and current Landtech customers are adding users, so something good is happening out there in our industry!
Settlement software like Landtech is vertical market software for a specific industry and because of that, is unfortunately,expensive compared to mass market software such as programs from Microsoft or Intuit. Because of the price, you expect it to perform every function that you need to do your closings. Landtech does everything necessary but also adds integrations, reporting functions and great support to make running your settlement business easier. If you are looking at closing software, ask yourself if the software includes in their price the following functions that Landtech includes with their software at no additional cost:

  1. Florida Data Call reporting with very few manual entries or mouse clicks – no duplication of entry.
  2. Importing Title Information from any underwriter – no duplication of entry.
  3. Title Policy and CPL generation directly from within the file – no duplication of entry.
  4. E-recording from within the file – no duplication of entry.
  5. Over 200 Professional Word templates designed explicitly for Landtech’s one time entry.
  6. 1099S Electronic Reporting capability – report last year’s sales transactions to the IRS for free.