New Multi-State HUD Layouts and LDE title docs

New multi-state layouts/templates have been added to the document Subscription site along with additional title documents in Landtech Document Editor format for fast and easy merge printing on the fly. The templates contain the language and signature lines printed at the bottom of documents printed or emailed from the Print-Documents menu in Landtech.This includes the HUD forms and other closing documents. Fix up the bottom of your HUD closing documents by downloading new templates from www.landtechforms.com today! If you download the initials-only templates you will find a couple of HUD Signature Page forms either in Word or in Landtech Document Editor format. We have also just uploaded Old Republic National Title’s commitment, policy and endorsement forms for Florida Old Republic agents done in the Landtech Document Editor (LDE). Imagine – you can import your title work electronically from any underwriter and produce a title commitment in mere seconds – without ever leaving Landtech! If you are not a Subscriber, you can go to the Landtech document site and preview these templates and other Landtech documents and enhancements.