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Things that can make your Landtech experience even better…….

Landtech merge documents: Nothing rewards your work in bringing a settlement to a close than good-looking, easy to produce professional documents. Hundreds of Landtech merge documents in Microsoft Word format and Landtech Document Editor (LDE) format are available at The LDE forms are somewhat quicker to merge because you can print fully merged documents right from within Landtech and email and/or make PDF copies of these documents at the same time as you print your HUD forms or even without printing your HUD forms. The Word forms, as you would expect are more sophisticated documents that merge instantly from within Microsoft Word. The site has a limited supply of LDE forms but a very large  number of Landtech forms in Word for Florida as well as for several other states. Also, if you have closing documents that you have created and/or prefer to use, Landtech Forms can customize them to merge instantly with your Landtech closing files. Check out the site when you get a chance!

Landtech Watch: Landtech Florida provides a service to a select number of Landtech customers that may be just right for you. With Landtech Watch, you never have to update your Landtech again. We remote into your Landtech system at night or on weekends and update your Landtech program and correct any Landtech issues that you may have with documents, recording files, the title calculator and any most other Landtech needs. This allows you full production during working hours and a completely updated program and documents to make your productive hours smoother with no additional effort on your part. Billing for this service is quarterly and reasonable priced, and includes a log of access times and maintenance issues and results. Landtech provides the tools of your trade, make the best of it. This service is like getting a constant tune-up in the background with absolutely no inconvenience to you. Contact us for more information on how this great service can help you and make your life easier.

Landtech Checks: There are several companies that handle Landtech checks, and if you need assistance with this, please contact us and we will guide you. The least expensive checks for Landtech in our experience can be found at Costco. Executive members can get 1,000 checks for $48.78 and a Gold Star/Business Member can get 1,000 checks for $60.98. The item number is LMP06. If you prefer a High-Security check, Costco has Item #SL-MP98. Executive members can get 1,000 checks for $139.72 and a Gold Star Business Member can get 1,000 checks for $174.65. As you can see, the High-Security checks are 3 times the price and that is what ALTA has given us in their attempt to stay relevant.

Software we use that can help make your workspace productive and even fun!

DisplayFusion: Multiple Monitors Made Easy! Now that many of you are enjoying having two or more monitors on your workstations, it’s time to expand those capabilities and make managing multiple monitors easy. This software is inexpensive and gives you tons of capabilities for maximizing your use of these monitors. Click above and check out all of the features!