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Attach Outlook emails to your Landtech File!

Landtech has again come up with a truly innovative feature to help you organize your Landtech files even more! If you use Microsoft Outlook® as your email program and receive an email pertaining to one of your closing files, make that email message part of your Landtech file with a couple of mouse clicks.

Simply right-click on the email and select “Attach Email to LT File” from the menu. Wth some MS Exchange accounts, an Outlook security message will pop-up and ask for permission for Landtech to access your Outlook program. Say Allow for a time period you select. Then, the new Landtech .NET Lookup screen will appear letting you select the closing file to attach the email to. When it appears, click on the File Number or Numbers and then, select Attach Email. From then on, anytime you look up that file all attached emails to that file will show in the Lookup, and you can View the emails right there – in Landtech. You can select multiple closing files to post to, multiple emails to be attached to any files and customize the search process and/or results. You must update to version 2013.01.0050 to have this feature. Again, a very helpful addition to the Landtech program with no additional cost to Subscribers to Landtech’s annual updates and telephone support.


Long Names in Landtech now print on the HUD!

Landtech HUD

Click to view Landtech’s HUD new features

Landtech added a terrific new feature for Entity Buyers, Seller and Lenders that have lengthy names. These entities are usually Estates, Corporations, Trusts and the like. Landtech has long had the ability to merge Buyer, Seller and Lender Long Names into the documents, but until now, not on the first page of the Closing Statement due to space restrictions. No more! Now, Buyer, Seller and/or Lender Long Names will also print on page one in their entirety! Click on the example to the left to see what you can do to make your Closing Statements sing.

Works in the Cloud and on the ground! Contact us for more.


Tips to make your Landtech easier and quicker to use

Functions and Key Combinations
Help F1
Load Calculator F5
Bring up Dialog Box F9
Move between Tabs in Dialog Boxes Pg. UP/Pg. DOWN
Bring up User-Defined Prompts Ctrl+U
Enable/Disable Macros F8
Open New File F12
Save File Shift+F12
Print Ctrl+P
Move to Next Field Tab
Return to Previous Field Shift+Tab
Insert Lender Name (Combined Charge) Alt+L
Insert Settlement Agent Name (Combined Charge) Alt+T
Insert Mortgage Broker Name (Combined Charge) Alt+M
Insert Underwriter Name (Combined Charge) Alt+U
Degree symbol Alt+248 (Number keypad only)