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Landtech is NAIC compliant!

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has added a new reporting requirement for Title Agents, requiring that the Property Type (either residential or non-residential) must be provided for each reported title policy. Landtech XML version 2011.01.0030 added this feature to the existing Landtech program as a drop-down menu in the Title Insurance dialog box. Different title underwriters have different ideas about whether the Property Type has to be reported on the forms as well. We are waiting to hear from several of them. Westcor Land Title Insurance is the only underwriter to request a change on the title policy forms themselves. Any title forms that are updated with this feature will be available on the Landtech Forms web site. To update your Landtech program to add the Property Type feature, from within Landtech program, click on Online, Check for Updates and download and install the latest version of Landtech, and then download the updated forms.


Landtech – America’s lowest cost complete settlement system!

That’s right! Landtech software is the lowest cost full real estate closing system in the country. There are no modules to purchase, no documents to buy, no extra features that you have to opt-in or opt-out of – one complete and seamless suite of software geared to your closing needs, whatever they may be. We are independent software developers and completely responsive to our large base of customers. From the first commitment to the final policy, disbursing the funds, reconciling the trust accounts, generating business reports and electronic 1099S reporting directly to the I.R.S., Landtech’s true one-time entry will be your best friend.

People who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars more for inferior closing software than  they would have spent to acquire Landtech sometimes think that a dynamic, thorough software program such as Landtech would have cost more money than the software that they are stuck with. Don’t make that mistake. If you already did, we can work with you on a trade-in credit when you make the decision to move up to Landtech. The solution to choosing good software is simple.

Closing software is an important part of your future in the land title business. When choosing new or replacement software, ask to create a closing file or ask the sales person to show you how to process a closing file based on how you like to proceed. Stay away from time-limited “trial” software. The fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks the better; settle for nothing less than true one time entry. With good software you don’t have to hand-calculate your recording fees or title calculations anywhere in America, you don’t have to input the GFE items twice, you should be able to quickly make your closing statement develop right in front of you; no pop-up HUD viewer necessary. “Like a HUD” isn’t the same as the fillable dynamic HUD form in landtech. Check for limits on the number of closing files, settlement agents, databases for Escrow accounts, Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Sales Reps, Closers, etc. Look to see if you can easily convert from a Non-GFE HUD to a GFE HUD and vice versa. Make sure you can easily access the software remotely. Test its feel, its “user-friendliness”; “user-friendly” is very subjective but it should be part of your decision about which product you like best. Ask for references and use them to ask questions about the technical and closing support. Check the company’s length of time in software development, check their ownership or management and look at their track record of forward development. To Landtech, it’s all about the customer; to some others, it’s all about the premium.


Landtech in College

2014_PBSC_PLA2600Class (2)

Palm Beach State College Students using Landtech to learn

Colleges and universities have begun the first semester of 2018. Many use Landtech to teach about real estate closings from a law office perspective. In South Florida Landtech is used as a teaching aid for paralegal candidates to learn the ins and outs of real estate closings. These students will graduate with knowledge of various real estate closing transactions and also what good closing software  can and should do easily with one time entry. In Florida, Landtech is used at Palm Beach State College, Broward State College and Nova University of Law to show students the procedures used in multi-faceted real estate title transactions. Peter Rennick from Landtech Florida works with Professor Steven M. Weiss, Esq. to teach real estate transactional law at two of the Palm Beach State College campuses. Landtech Florida works with Broward College and Nova University at their request to make sure that they have the most up-to-date Landtech system for the students and training in new Landtech features. Many of these students go on to become attorneys and paralegals, and some go into other careers in the land title field. These classes are a valuable stepping-stone for them.

At Palm Beach State College the classes are conducted by giving students hands-on experience in today’s real estate closings. We utilize the ease and capabilities of Landtech to calculate all charges and prorations, disburse the funds and create all closing documents. At Landtech we feel that donating the use of our software and assisting however we can is one way to give back to our community. Landtech is the most widely used, privately held closing software company in the country and the students will be better positioned to find a job with a real estate law firm or title company anywhere in America when they graduate. The students will also understand how good settlement software can help them achieve the accuracy they need and the best presentation at the closing. If you know of an educational institution that would like to use Landtech in their classes, please let us know. And to the students of PBSC, we’ll see you at the Palm Beach Gardens campus starting in January, 2018!


New Multi-State HUD Layouts and LDE title docs

New multi-state layouts/templates have been added to the document Subscription site along with additional title documents in Landtech Document Editor format for fast and easy merge printing on the fly. The templates contain the language and signature lines printed at the bottom of documents printed or emailed from the Print-Documents menu in Landtech.This includes the HUD forms and other closing documents. Fix up the bottom of your HUD closing documents by downloading new templates from www.landtechforms.com today! If you download the initials-only templates you will find a couple of HUD Signature Page forms either in Word or in Landtech Document Editor format. We have also just uploaded Old Republic National Title’s commitment, policy and endorsement forms for Florida Old Republic agents done in the Landtech Document Editor (LDE). Imagine – you can import your title work electronically from any underwriter and produce a title commitment in mere seconds – without ever leaving Landtech! If you are not a Subscriber, you can go to the Landtech document site and preview these templates and other Landtech documents and enhancements.


Access your Landtech information from anywhere!

Landtech XML version 2011.01.0021 introduced “Quick-View” and version 2011.01.0025 improved on the first release, and now Landtech XML version 2011.01.0027 improves it even more! This file  look-up feature displays information contained in every closing file. In or out of the office, you can use Quick-View using  a computer or your smart phone (Blackberry, IPhone, Droid, etc.) and view the file information, legal description, exceptions, requirements  and notes on the file. You can also view the names of parties to the closing and check a box next to their name(s) to email any closing documents you like –  Amazing! Now, with this latest improvement, you can actually edit Notes, Legal descriptions, Exceptions and Requirements for an existing closing file – remotely!  There are many more improvements to Quick-View. If you click on Help, What’s New from within Landtech you will see all of the recent changes. Landtech customers can download the latest version any time. If you’re not using Landtech yet, please contact us about leasing or purchasing your very own Landtech software for accurate, impressive closings and true one-time entry with no limitations on anything! We can arrange leasing terms for a low, comfortable monthly payment with ownership at the end of the lease.


About Landtech Florida

We proudly served Wyatt Bell and Landtech Data Corporation since starting in 1988, when it was known as Bell Data Systems.

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