Access your Landtech information from anywhere!

Landtech XML version 2011.01.0021 introduced “Quick-View” and version 2011.01.0025 improved on the first release, and now Landtech XML version 2011.01.0027 improves it even more! This file  look-up feature displays information contained in every closing file. In or out of the office, you can use Quick-View using  a computer or your smart phone (Blackberry, IPhone, Droid, etc.) and view the file information, legal description, exceptions, requirements  and notes on the file. You can also view the names of parties to the closing and check a box next to their name(s) to email any closing documents you like –  Amazing! Now, with this latest improvement, you can actually edit Notes, Legal descriptions, Exceptions and Requirements for an existing closing file – remotely!  There are many more improvements to Quick-View. If you click on Help, What’s New from within Landtech you will see all of the recent changes. Landtech customers can download the latest version any time. If you’re not using Landtech yet, please contact us about leasing or purchasing your very own Landtech software for accurate, impressive closings and true one-time entry with no limitations on anything! We can arrange leasing terms for a low, comfortable monthly payment with ownership at the end of the lease.